Multi-Layered World

Bootstraps. That little piece of leather or fabric on the back of our walking shoes or hiking boots.

Remember the saying? Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.  It's meant to encourage us to pick ourselves up, dust our hands off, and get on with living life. Forge ahead. Don't be a defeatist. Don't wallow in self-pity. 

But the bootstraps are disappearing.

It costs too much to add that little bit of extra fabric or leather. 

A bootstrap is a metaphor for the common good, the greater good, the communal fabric of life. What is the common good? Public schools, public libraries, roads and bridges, government food programs for the poor (which includes children), research centers, public health clinics, state universities, veterans' homes and hospitals, social security retirement. Tax monies were used to set up and maintain these systems and structures because we believed they would create a better society. 

 We live in a multi-layered world. Pull out one thread and the whole fabric unravels.

What kind of a world do we wish to live in?  What steps are needed in place to achieve that world? Then let's pull on our shoes (if they don't have a strap, we might need to buy a shoehorn or use a serving spoon to slip our heels in) and let's get to it.