Diversity and Post Election thoughts

I am struggling to understand. I listen to voices who voted for Donald Trump. I listen to voices who voted for Hillary Clinton. 

We are a divided people.

We live in bubbles, insulated within clans that reflect our own thoughts, feelings, perspectives.

Unless a person is part of a minority group.

Because we are all encompassed within the big bubble(s) of institutions and policies that favor particular white people whose parents had money or they were able to climb the ladder provided by the common good (usable roads, tax subsidies, public education, a degree that did not put students $40,000 in debt and land them in retail at minimum wage).

And now that people who were able to get up that ladder have their pot of money, they want to yank that common good (heaven forbid they need to share their pot) away from anyone, poor white but especially people of color, from using it.

There is a rash of racist behavior, of sexist behavior. There are young children who are bullying and youth who are spraying denigrating graffiti at schools. Just stop! 

Why is it ok to devalue people who look different from you/me?

It's not ok. We are all children of God.

And so we have protesters, who want to make sure that they are included, that they are not forgotten in maintaining, keeping, reinstating the common good.

A shared life is messy. Uncomfortable,  A life together may even feel intolerable for some people. It's so hard. It's so impossible.

But diversity is what God gave us, continues to give us. Along with the great gift of compassion.

Use that compassion.

Find someone unlike you. Befriend that person who doesn't look like you, who doesn't act like you.

Maybe even develop a friendship.