Gray Days

November's palette in Minnesota is composed of browns and grays: dried leaves, bare trees, a sky covered with clouds. There is the anticipation of colder weather, of soft drifting snow, of days that will continue to shorten until mid-December. I like November. There's something appealing about lighting candles, snuggling in, and eating root vegetables and stews and soups. 

The month of February has some of the same qualities as November--a neutral color palette, cold weather, short days, and snow. But I have a more difficult time appreciating February. I'm so glad it's a short month. I have had my fill of long nights. I'm ready for blue skies, longer daylight hours, more sunlight, and green leafy vegetables.

How do I work with my impatience? I go for walks when it's warm enough and the sidewalks or streets aren't slippery.  I spent a day with my best friend exploring Baldwin, Wisconsin. We shared a meal and tea at the Phoenix Grill then checked out the second-hand stores and a fun store called Paisley Cow that has some crazy selections of artistic shoes and fantabulous hats in addition to other vintage items. 

How do you take care of yourself when winter gets on your nerves?