Celebrating New Life

It's the Monday after Easter. A celebration of new life, of spring, of lengthening daylight.

Since Ash Wednesday on February 10, I have had extra events at church as we move through this season of preparation for Easter. Wednesday evening studies ended but this past week, we entered Holy Week.  That starts with a Palm Sunday Worship Service, moves to a Maundy Thursday Evening Service of Shadows and communion, a Good Friday afternoon Community Crosswalk, and yesterday's morning-long Easter Celebration. It is all good. As a co-pastor and a pastor within a community of pastors, I don't create all of these services. But this year it was my turn to craft the Easter Service. 

Worship is the work of the people and that becomes obvious on Easter Sunday. In our little church, the choir sings, the handbells are played, the Sunday school children enact a skit, and our gifted singers and pianists pull together the best of their songs.

Now, after all of that time of preparation, it's time to keep living into that belief that new life awaits us.