Writing, writing, writing...

May has been a busy month: the beginning of lawn mowing season, the desire to be outdoors, and the unexpected leaking of the water main in the basement. A few books have been watermarked but all were salvageable. The fan and dehumidifier are now finishing off what the shop-vac wasn't able to scchhwirk up its hose.

I've been working through the 2nd draft of Act II of my story in the order I've laid them out. Yesterday, I came to the Mirror Moment. 

What is a Mirror Moment? James Scott Bell, in his wonderful little book, Write Your Novel From the Middle, defines it. 

At this point in the story, the character looks at himself. He takes stock of where he is in the conflict and--depending on the type of story--has either of two basic thoughts.

The character either wonders what s/he is becoming or s/he considers the odds against him or her. Bell uses the examples of Gone With the Wind, Silence of the Lambs, and Casablanca to to further illustrate this point.  It's been a great little how-to book about the basics. And that's what I need yet--the basics of the craft of telling stories. 

So, how is my Mirror Moment coming along? It's not yet where it needs to be. But I wrangled with it and the chapter it's in, and it's much better than it was.