Diversity and Fear

In addition to being a writer, I am also a pastor. Ordained in the United Church of Christ, I currently pastor a bi-racial church that affirms the GLBT community.

I returned home last night from a full weekend of church with 300+ people of faith. Our theme was "Diving Deeper: Race, Economics and Faith." Our keynote speaker on Saturday, Rev. Dr. Traci Blackmon called us to be "repairers" of the breach (Isaiah 58:12) rather than "residents" of the breach.

Sunday morning we woke up to news of 50 people killed by a gunman. And we prayed for our brothers and sisters who were violently murdered through hatred and fear and anger.

Regardless of how we feel about gun control, it's time to stop judging, stop hating, stop mass murdering people. Now is the time, for any of us who call ourselves a people of faith or a people of compassion, to stop this violence in our land.

And so my heart is heavy after yesterday's news of the killing of 50 people in Orlando, Florida. We live in a universe that contains so much diversity. Yet, there are people who hate and fear that diversity, and seek to eradicate it.

God in your mercy. Hear our prayers.