Three-Quarter Goals

Last week became busy with the joy of co-officiating a wedding for two lovely young women who are a part of our faith community. With family coming from long distances, they had created several events. Thursday evening, we gathered over delicious grilled meat and vegetables to make tortillas and play table games of card, jenga, and jacks and ball. Friday was the rehearsal at the park and more food. And Saturday was the big day. Yesterday, many family members came to church. Worship included a baptism service for one of the adults. 

So this morning, I am catching up on my reading. In the BookEnds Literary Agency blog. Agent Jessica Faust writes,

Now that we are three-quarters of the way through the year it's really time to hunker down and take a close look at those goals. How are you doing in reaching them?

Did you remember the goal(s) you set on January 1st? In past years, I used to look at the beginning of each month as a way to start over again on goals if I had stumbled on any, (who am I kidding?! I stumble often, but I pick myself up and get going again).

This year I wanted to finish a second draft of my story. January through March, I chomped away at specific goals set for each month. It felt great. Then came the saggy middle of my novel along with Easter preparations at church, spring and flower gardens in my new home, summer with yard work and gardening and tasks such as scrubbing gooey adhesive off after wallpaper removal in the kitchen.

My original aim had been to complete the second draft of my book by May 31st so I could print off a copy for myself and a book-loving friend to critique. And now it's September 5. 

Of course, what I'm calling a second draft is cleaned-up first-draft-chapters sent to critique partners and revised after their comments. So the story is coming along very well. I'm on the last chapters of my almost 100,000 word Women's Fiction. The end is in sight and at least the story now has coherence instead of plot holes and melodramatic character reactions in the ending chapters. 

So how are you doing on the goals you have set for yourself this year? Be kind as you evaluate where you're at. Life happens to the best of us. And relationships are more important than rigidly hanging onto the goals we set. Celebrate the goals and partial goals you have accomplished.