Encouragement in troublesome times

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Monday. Have we made it very far in bringing about the Beloved Community?

People rallied in many places on Sunday for the preservation of the Affordable Care Act (also known as ACA and Obamacare), that our representatives and senators not completely gut or drop it before there is a replacement. Too many people rely on the ACA to provide basic health care needs. This week many women, in Washington DC and in many states, will gather after inauguration day to stand in solidarity for the rights of women, children, and families, and the vulnerable to be protected. 

We are so small in this vast universe. Yet we feel our small lives so viscerally. Enya's song--Hope has a Place--expresses it perfectly.

And I finish this blog, after spending the night trying to sleep in a waiting room in an Intensive Care Unit at a hospital. Today there is recovery and hope again for a loved one. One day at a time.