introverted extrovert

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November is done. And so is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I did not officially enter but I had a writing accountability partner, Lawrence. He made his goal of 50,000 words!! Whoo hoo for Lawrence!  I did not have a goal but I wrote 28,000 words! Most of my words went towards a daily devotional but, when I was absolutely stuck, during my third week, I started a short story.  

And isn't that a misnomer? Starting a short story but not finishing? Especially when it only needs to be 3,000 words maximum! 

The daily devotional focuses on the month of November. May for the Southern Hemisphere. I wanted to deal with the issues of short days, cold days, and days that might feel hopeless or hard for some people. It's a difficult time of the year when the sun hides more than it shines. 

I often find November invigorating but I'm an introvert and a writer! I enjoy spending time alone. And it's especially helpful for me because I am a pastor of a local church and pastors, by the nature of their vocation, are called upon to behave as extroverts.  

When I take the Myers-Briggs assessment tool, my results place me near the middle of the Introversion-Extroversion continuum.  But I digress!

The daily devotional is 30 days long and focuses on the themes of letting go, falling, death, and unexpected as I take cues from the leaves of the trees during this time between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice.