My Writing Space

I don't have an author's office in my home. I don't have a desktop computer. I use a transportable laptop and my dining room table which sits by an east facing window.

You'll notice a couple of things in the picture: blankets to wrap up in the morning when it's chilly and I've not yet turned up the thermostat, an old pillow to sit on, and a box on the floor to rest my feet on (I'm short-legged). 

My craft books, for the present, are shelved in my bedroom until we construct a bookshelf in our living room.

This is my small selection of books so far, squeezed between Georgette Heyer books and thrift books. The narrow blue book is James Scott Bell's Writing Your Novel From the Middle. It's only the past 3 years that I've purchased books about the craft of writing. That's when I became a more intentional fiction writer, more serious about finishing up my story.

And where am I in my story writing process?

After a couple of critique partners had read it chapter-by-chapter over the past year, I created a more complete and full-fledged draft (as in, perhaps, no plot holes). I had two paper copies made in October.

I gave one to my first beta reader. She had not read my story except an early draft, way-back-when, of the first chapter.

I let my paper copy sit during November. Then I read it through in December. As a reader. And read through it again with a red pen in hand.

Yup. Some boring parts. Some illogical parts (still!) that needed to either be cut or fleshed out. And some wonderful parts.

I am now retyping it with both paper copies as references.

As of today, I'm almost 1/3 of the way through the story. I've been derailed since mid-January by a chronic illness in my family as we try to sort how to best provide care and support. Because right now, that's my priority.

My hope is to finish this revision and get it out to another beta reader, perhaps my critique partners (if they're not tired of the story), by June.

Will it be ready to query literary agents in 2017? That is my hope and that is my aim.