Women's History Month

Yes, my care giving and caring for the primary care giver continues. But I'm ready to get back to some of my normal again.

It's March, Women's History Month, which is celebrated in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia. 

Much as I had a person in their 70s ask me, "Why do we need to rewrite history books? History doesn't change." so too, I  had a man ask me, "Why don't we have a month to celebrate men's accomplishments?"

History doesn't change but there are accomplishments and inventions in the United States by people of color that were not printed in the history books that I learned from when I went to grade school.

And inequity still exists between men and women. Which is why it makes sense to have a Women's History Month because men's accomplishments are recognized on a daily basis.  

And with that thought in mind, I wanted to share an article from the blog, densho.org which highlights the hidden history and accomplishments of five Japanese American women, who were incarcerated during WWII, simply for being of Japanese heritage.