Real Live Writer's Group

Writing is a head oriented activity-using our imagination to create stories and selecting words to communicate those images to someone else.

But, to have a vivid imagination, we need curiosity and experience. We need to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste.

Last night, I went to my first, in a very long time, writer's group. 

This group meets monthly and a facilitator steers the group. She had assigned a writing exercise, asking them to use the five senses. (My brief reflection above the picture? I wrote that before I went to the meeting! How's that for coincidence in real life?) There were ten of us last night. Most of them shared their writing pieces.

It was an informal meeting, perhaps because it's the last night until September. They also shared information about the open house for a new artist studio in town, the author's open mike night at a cafe, a couple of books, and one person had attended a workshop at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis. 

Though I've been curious about the Loft, between work, cost, and the energy to google directions, drive, and sit in class with new people? Those three things haven't meshed enough yet to propel me there. Someday. Maybe!

As an introvert, I did not participate much last night but observed and watched. I've already received a welcome email from the facilitator that shared again the dates and locations of events mentioned last night. And I'll be glad of opportunities to get to know this group better.

Some of the people in my facebook writer's group pointed out various types of groups which was helpful. I did not have any expectations and it seems this group is more about support of writing habits group rather than critique of manuscripts group.

How about you? What type of writer's group(s) do you participate in?