New Book

Donna Everhart, author of The Education of Dixie Dupree, has another book coming out this fall, The Road to Bittersweet. And to whet our appetite, the first chapter is printed in Buzz Books 2017 Fall/Winter. Check it out!



My book? Yesterday Janice Hardy's Fiction University blog had an extremely helpful hint for writers. It addresses a problems which I've struggled with.

I have a completed first draft, finally, of my novel. But my story still has a couple of plot holes even after running it, chapter by chapter, through crit partners.

Janice wrote about the difference between drafting and editing. And that has been part of my issue in filling those holes. I've been in edit/revise mode as I work on my draft. And then when I come upon the spot where the hole is, I forget to shift out of edit/revise into draft as I need to create new material.  

So yesterday, I worked on my manuscript. I tend to write skeletal so I added layers--internal thoughts, seeing the scene from the characters point of view--to a couple of chapters in the middle of my story, the Mirror Moment. And then I had a blank chapter. I knew what needed to go in there but I've been in editing and revising mode and I needed to create fresh material for that hole.  So I dove in! That new chapter needs work (lots of talking heads) but now I have something to work with and shape.