I forgot!

Janet Reid, literary agent extraordinaire, held a flash fiction contest over Labor Day weekend. And I forgot to post about it. Because, yes, I did get a mention in her comment column on the Monday, when she determined who was the winner.  I was not a winner. Not even on the short-list or the long-list, but getting a mention is superlative!!  

The prize? Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to be in this Book) by author Julie Falatko and illustrations by Tim Miller.  



We were to write, once again, a 100 word flash fiction story. What five words were we required to use?  Snap, gator, ask, tie, iron!

And here's my story: 

She dips a wee brush into the miniscule lavender paint-pot, her slouchy red chef’s hat askew.

“What?” she snaps, “You never seen an artagator in her natural environs?”

Bemused, he responds, “It’s such an unusual…trade. How’d you first know you wanted to be a chocolatier?”


Ah. Grandfather. That explains her tetchiness upon their entry into the thatched shop.

Artisanal chocolates pose on glass shelves. Dark sweet squares, smooth as a mirrored loch, display miniature likenesses of heather or thistle. Velvety surfaced truffles fortify fillings of liquid whisky or bramble habanero cream.

Between the chocolates and grandfather, she’s a keeper.