Midterm Elections

Here in the U.S., it’s midterm elections.

We have a democracy. Get out there and vote!

Our vote helps determine what kind of a world we believe in, what is of importance to our nation. Will our elected representatives and senators and council members work together for the good of our whole nation? Or will they continue to squabble and only work with their own parties?

My hope?

We live in a diverse nation. I want to see young and old people sitting at the decision-making table. I want to see more people of color sitting at the decision-making table that for too long has been a majority white people. I want to see more women sitting at the table, which for too long has been predominated by a male perspective. I want to see other faith traditions sitting at a table where the common good will be sought for all people not just a narrow few.

Common good meaning we all have…clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, food enough to not be hungry, access to safe schools, the ability to view art and beauty that inspires dreams and lofty goals, research and medicines that help us cope with our health issues and the health of the natural world around us.

We will not always agree with one another in how to move towards a goal but it’d be nice if we all agreed on the goals needed to ensure the care and survival not only of our group and tribal clans but also of our diverse elements of earth and the varied species of creatures.

We need all of us.