In contrast to last week's post about writing a story's Quiet Black Moments, this week I'm experiencing the wind and snow, sometimes snow pellets, in the Midwest's latest spring snowstorm. 

through a window darkly...

through a window darkly...

I am also in the midst of getting ready for my first writer's workshop. I have now received the names of the three literary agents I will be pitching my story to and what time I am expected to be there. Whoo-boy! I am excited. Of course, on the day of I will be on the extreme side of nervous. 

What workshop? The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis as a Pitch Conference 2018

I have finished the fifth draft of my story. Now it needs some fine-combing. And I can focus more on the pitch itself and the query that I want to have along with me. 

My next post will be April 27.