How does my flower garden grow?

It's amazing how much can happen in one week!  Here are the rhododendron and daffodils, two weeks later. My short irises are now blooming. The bare stems to their left were the yellow tulips (and one red) that have come and gone already. I see my short peony has a couple of deep pink buds ready to bloom. And the other tall bushes are peonies. The three silvery green globes are autumn joy sedum. 



Here's the other half of that L-shaped garden. My tall lavender irises are just starting to bloom. The low purple flowering plant to their left is, I believe, hardy geranium or bloody cranesbill. They spread like crazy.  I've started a front flower garden and they will be going into there too. 


And Not my garden. But my neighbor's beautiful azalea bush.