A Time to Learn and A Time to Grow

I have rearranged my website. It used to be this blog was my homepage. Until a friend who had visited my blog said she did not know I had written a book. 

So now my book is my homepage. The next page is about my other writings. We shall see if anyone visits this blog page anymore. 

Speaking of changes...I am excited about the weather. Spring is here! I just hope summer does not come at us in a rush.  We just had a snowstorm two weeks ago and now, all of a sudden, the grass is greening and the daffodils are blooming. 

This is a Scilla siberica or Siberian squill.


It's all I have, just this one poor wee bulb!  I'm not sure how to get it to multiply but I've only been here for three springs. 

The daffodils we planted are growing profusely in the corner garden. Not so well next to the house on the south side.  Too much sun? Too unsheltered? The wind whips around the corner on that side of the house in the winter so it's hard to keep leaf coverage over the dirt and when we get a huge snowfall as we did two weeks ago, the daffodil shoots take a beating. 

That's what's growing in my garden. How does your garden grow?