Heavy Hearted

This past week or two in the U.S. has been a difficult time, as I grapple with the images and articles of what's happening with asylum-seekers. 

Families were separated, parents from children. Even babies.  And that's the most recent atrocity. We have, what one person termed on facebook, "baby jails."  Some people are asking, where are the images for the little girls and girl babies in these detention centers. So far we only have images and audios of male children and babies.  

The U.S. has a poor track record of caring for families of color. Witness our history:

  • boarding school for Native American tribes, where we tried to eradicate the language and culture from their children. 
  • slavery for African Americans, captured and brought to our shores and as slavery established itself on our soils, selling children away from their parents.
  • concentration camps during WWII to incarcerate Japanese-American families.

Although the government has stopped separating families, due to protests, there are 2,000+ children who have been bussed or flown to various detention centers around the U.S., separated from their parents. 

Actions We Can Take

  • Pray
  • Call or email our senators and congresswomen and men.
  • Donate money to agencies that seek to provide legal representation and reunite families that have been separated. Some resources here
  • March at a June 30 #Families Belong Together rally
  • Vote in November.

A more recent piece I read, suggested that instead of celebrating July 4, our Independence Day, we can mourn, reflecting on the reality of who we are today.

Wear black. Hang no flags. Work for our candidates. Check on neighbors. Help the marginalized. Donate to charity. Feed the hungry. Work for change. Love one another.