Evolutionary Morning

I've felt unsettled for awhile.  Certainly some of that is related to the political landscape here in the U.S. and also to worldwide environmental changes, including my battle with the non-native Japanese beetles eating my rose bushes.

But the discomfort I'm experiencing is also about my own life, where I am professionally, and how I live within the circle of family, friends, and the ever enlarging society that I am a part of. 

So how am I coping? Not always wonderfully, that's for sure but I am learning what is helpful.


I used to walk daily but I got out of the habit so I've taken up walking again, trying for 5 out of 7 days, 30 minutes minimum at least.

I read Ed Heilman's facebook page yesterday about learning to live deeper and having an opportunity to dive deeper into life. 

I believe I do not solve my problems at the same level I used to create them. So for me, getting quiet, still, and inward, is letting a deeper reality transform my normal conscious reality.

I was also inspired by this article by Rev. Lawrence Richardson, a writing and clergy colleague's church journey to Kenya, to the Daylight Center and School, and the way this is now shaping his approach toward church life and how we build community. 

This morning, I also grabbed my book, Prayers to an Evolutionary God by William Cleary, to read and savor someone else's words:

Boundless Sea of Love and Energy, our future and our God, may all your dreams for us come true: your steady motherlike imaginings, and your fatherly hopes, your creative purposes evident everywhere in the world. Guide us to our truest selves, co-creators with you of this environment.

It is such a joy to be part of this world. It's amazing how putting out a birdbath and having a garden gone a bit wild, will attract birds. I want to create habits that cultivate a positive attitude, so that I may have courage and fortitude to go out and be in the world as I am called to be. 

How do you nurture your self when the world or your life rattle your patterns?