Discouraged Writer

It's a beautiful September morning. The sun shines brightly and I opened the windows even though the breeze is chilly enough that I'm keeping warm with a blanket on my lap as I write and sip my cup of tea. 

Though I want to be finished with my story, there's so much that cries for attention.

Work in the Kitchen

That Regatta Blue door?  It took four coats of primer to prevent the stain from peeking through. This is our second coat of blue paint.

Those ice cream buckets on the floor? Filled with bird food, conveniently placed so I could keep the feeder full. The last time I filled the bird feeder, I believe, was in June.


On the chair? Books and a couple articles of clothing to go to a friend when we meet later today and exchange bags of items we no longer want or need. 

The peach-colored soffit above the door? A couple years ago, my daughter stripped off the wall paper from the soffit and the whole kitchen but removing the adhesive has not been easy. Feeling discouraged, we decided to tackle the long wall (not in the picture) and the soffit above the stove and fridge. Progress as we painted them gray. Out of desperation, I asked my daughter if we could paint primer on top of the adhesive on the remaining walls. Um...no. 

Work in the Living Room


In my living room, I've piles on the chair, on the floor under the window, and to the right, around the barely seen coffee table, of things to do.  Some piles are simple tasks of putting the item back where it belongs or bagging it to get out of the house but some piles are more complex. 

Other tasks unseen in the photos are the bathroom cabinets to paint, the indoor window sills which need to be varnished, the sills between the indoor and storm windows in need of paint, and south facing windows that need caulk. I could continue ad nauseam but I'll stop. 

Work in Progress, Draft 6

My story, which I am revising and editing and polishing? (Yes, I probably should not be doing all three at once as each uses a different mindset.)  It's a slow-go. Part of me says, print it up, read it as a reader in a month or two. Another part of me says finish the polish work and get eyes on my query to see if it's ready to send. (Hm, get eyes on the query might be the best idea.) 

What I need to do is get a focus (and do something about that white screen door).