Brilliant Flash Fiction Humor...

There are wonderful 100-word stories on Janet Reid’s blog today. They sure filled my Monday with laughter.

Online Community

Between the community among her blog commenters and the sharkly wisdom and passion Janet, literary agent, shares with newbie writers, it’s a great blog to follow regularly for writer-wanna-be’s.

The reason for this weekend’s contest is one of the regular’s consistent calisthenics in using the words Janet assigns us to place in the story. He had to use (and other’s could at their own discretion) two extra words in his story: fortissimo and marzipan. Check out Janet’s reasons and rules for the Stymie Steve Forti contest.

There is some inside language. In particular, the winner received Janet’s vote as s/he made a cat the heroine of the story. Janet referenced Her Grace, the Duchess of Yowl (DoY). Regular readers of the blog know that Janet regularly cat-sits the DoY. Janet herself is no slouch in telling amusing stories whenever the DoY is living with her.

frost on a window

frost on a window