Some week

Last week, the pipe to my toilet leaked and my clothes dryer died. I'm a newish homeowner yet. Love it. But these repairs! 

And then, I bumped into a big barrier as I worked on the last chapters of my Work in Progress. I'm finishing with the historical piece. Amalie lives in Scotland during WWII and I thought I had placed her in a sleepy burgh. I'd researched to make sure the train went through the village at that time. I've seen it in the present-day and decided to google 1930 pictures to see what types of changes there have been. 

And there it was, the Royal Air Force Flying-Boat Squadron. Right in the village I chose for her beginning as early as summer 1938. 


Not a quiet sleepy village. Argh. 

I've had a whole week to think, to research other potential villages (holy cow, what a wonderful distraction!), or maybe invent a village. I've made a decision.

And...it's a far far better thing to have discovered this now rather than after I've submitted to agents or editors to become embarrassed afterwards! 

So I've more work to do and it's time to get at the revisions. 

But as we go about our week, there are many catastrophes happening in our world:

  • fires in north west U.S. and Canada,
  • hurricanes around the gulf and the Caribbean,
  • an earthquake in southern Mexico,
  • the flooding in India, Bangladesh, Nepal,
  • the slaughter of the Rohingya Muslim in Myanmar,
  • and the ongoing wars.

May we hold each of these places in our hearts and pray or offer thoughts of peace, wisdom, and the recognition that we are all on this planet Earth together. as we live through these days.