Leaving Lucy Pear

Late Night Reading

Waking up at 1 am, I read a book to help me fall back asleep. Leaving Lucy Pear, written by Anna Solomon did not facilitate any sleepiness!  

Fascinated by the story she spun of a young Jewish woman in the late 1920s who gives her baby daughter away in an unusual manner, I appreciated the characterizations of the people. I did find the multiple points of view a bit distracting but not enough to make me put down the book. The characters are deftly drawn with distinctive personalities and backstories that impact the decisions they make.

Because I wanted to finish before morning dawned and I needed to get ready for work, I skimmed the last half of the book.  And intend to go back and reread a bit better when I have time.

Beyond the dynamics of family relationships or romantic relationships, the book broadens out to include the political currents of the time and how these influence the characters. 

If you like a good yarn about the ambiguity of relationships and how social structures can constrain with the potential to twist people, this is a great read.