New Years

An Author's Day Schedule

I was fascinated this morning with Janice Hardy's work schedule. She crafts articles at Fiction University and is author of several YA novels as well as non-fiction books on the craft of writing. 

Adapting her schedule, I pulled one together that should work for me, considering I'm not a full-time writer as she is.

I don't know about you, but I'm good at putting butt-in-chair. But staying on task? Not so good.

If my phone chirrups that I've received a text, I'll respond to it. (As happened this morning.) 

If I feel momentarily stuck, I'll check my emails.

I might even check into a digital jigsaw puzzle site to spend 30+ minutes to put one together. I tell myself it's meditative and will stimulate my thinking. Except, it doesn't translate into more work done on the novel.

Today? Success! (Yes. Except for the aforementioned text)

How long will I keep to this schedule? I'll probably fall out of it before January ends. Life will inevitably interfere with any type of overly precise discipline.

I hope that at the beginning of each month that I will look at my writing schedule again and gently recalibrate my time to keep my focus on finishing up this novel and move into doing more serious work on my next book.