accountability partner

a short blog post during NaNo

It's NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. I'm not officially signed up to NaNo but I am working on a new project, day by day.



My novel, in its fourth draft, is still out with a couple (one-and-a-half to be exact) beta readers and I'm giving it a rest as its opening chapter is not working. I need to let it sit and think about it from afar.

My new Work in Progress is non-fiction. My first book, Disturbing Complacency: Preparing for Christmas, is a book of daily devotions for the Christian season of Advent. 

I always thought I should do Lent and Easter next. It makes sense, right? And I have one started, many years ago. But only a couple of devotions, a couple of days are done. I have no enthusiasm for the project yet. 

However, I became really excited with the thought of writing a daily devotional for the month of November (or the month of May for people who live in the Southern Hemisphere). There's just something about the darkness and the short days and the blusteriness of this month, that grabs me.

And...better yet! I have an accountability partner. We facebook message each other at the end of the day with our word counts. What a blessing. 

Are you NaNo-ing?