adult children

A Sandwich Generation

I sometimes get caught . . . 

between listening to young adult children deal with life and assisting parents with health issues.

It was a long week. My colleague came down with pnuemonia so I ended up with extra work in addition to officiating at a church member's funeral. Mom was in the midst of making 1,000 from-scratch apple pies for a church fundraiser so I spent a day with dad at his clinic appointment. My one adult child obtained a much needed second job and my other child was dealing with some disappointments. 

Today, I went out with friends for lunch. The lawn needs mowing. The kitchen still needs wallpaper adhesive scrubbed off. And a bed frame (it was free) still lies in the middle of my living room floor because it's not gonna work.  None of that will be dealt with today even though it is my day off. Instead, the sun is shining, a breeze is blowing, and it's autumn. After I finish writing this post, I shall head out for a walk. Perhaps down by the river, to listen to the water lap the shore, to hear the breeze ruffle the drying coin leaves of the cottonwood trees, and to soak up some of the luminescence of that fall sun light.

What do you do to take care of yourself when life throws baseballs at you?