I am so excited!!  I entered a flash fiction contest and was named as one of the finalists!


For sooooo long I have been entering Janet Reid's flash fiction contests and not receiving any type of mention. Nothing I wrote seemed to stand out above the crowd.  Not since 2015! 

Last week, Janet sorted through her 100th Flash Fiction entrees (that word is deliberate as Janet is also Query Shark and she knows how to chomp!) and named her top seven, gave her reasons why she had chosen the entry and then named a winner. I am jealous of the prize the winner received: a map book, Vargic's Miscellany of Curious Maps.

But, did I mention I'm so happy? 

For this contest, we had to use these words in our 100 word story:  gaze, scapegrace, forti, scram, fin. You can take a look at the winning entries here. There was a total of 84 entries which you can find towards the bottom of the page here. 

My story? Here you go:


He asks about her date. Happily, she chatters. I place the milk pitcher. By him.

“Scapegallows,” he insults. Of course. “He wouldn’t know a fortissimo from a finocchio.” He eats his cornflakes.

Our daughter gazes, blankly.

Angered, I touch her shoulder, “Fatherly humor.”

He rolls his eyes.

Stiff-backed, I sit, “Finish your breakfast, dear. How was the band?”

She shrugs.

Her cannolo remains untouched. Damn him. Patient, I sip my Italian Roast. He stands—slender and handsome as ever—and scrams. I accept his tainted kiss, airbrush-style this morning. He leaves. Scapegoat.

And now? Anticipation! “How was your date?”

If you're as sharp-eyed as some of the Reiders, you'll notice that in my editing and revising, I left out a required word. Rats! But, many of the commenters were gracious, telling me to be gentle with myself (my writerly insecurity came out) and things happen!

I was just so happy to be named a finalist, to hear Janet's take on something I had written. 


Blogs for Fiction Writers

As a newbie in the area of writing fiction, I follow several blogs as my goal is to eventually become a published novelist. (And yes, someday I want to head off to a Writer's Conference because I can only independently study so much and I wish to network with other authors)

Here are my favorite blogs. These first three publish fresh material each day.

  • Janet Reid, Literary Agent Janet Reid (aka the Shark) teaches the do's and don'ts of querying and creates a community of respect and faithful followers with her commenters (aka Woodland Creatures) who also have words of writerly wisdom to share in addition to hilarious humor, confessions, and what it's like to live in exile on Carkoon. The Shark often has 100-word Flash Fiction contests which provide wonderful examples of the creative prowess of the writers that frequent her blog and as she chooses the winners, explanations of how she looks at our works.

She also has Query Shark. The blog, at this time, has sporadic fresh material. And the extensive archives? An amazing wealth of information. Helpful for writing queries and for helping you pinpoint potential problems in your novel.

  • Writer Unboxed with articles by a consortium of writers, literary agents, and teachers on the craft of writing.
  • Fiction University with Janice Hardy has many common sense articles ranging from the macro-knowledge about story structure to the micro-knowledge about scenes and syntax. 


Here are other blogs I enjoy following, which publish 2-3 times each week:

  • Writers in the Storm with a consortium of writers or teachers. New material is published on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
  • Helping Writers Become Authors with K.M. Wieland, who has many analyses of story structure on movies in her database, and has a book out about story structure.
  • Live, Write, Thrive by C.S. Lakin, who has been going through scene by scene analysis, since January, of what makes a scene work and how to hook readers.