care giver

care giving and the care giver

The weeks are catching up with me as our family responds to chronic illness. We are caring for the ill person. And we are caring for the main caregiver.

It saps time and energy as we try to sort through the variety of options available to help us, financially and physically.

And adapt to a new way of living.

Today is a day off for me. From work. And from caring. 

And so I sit alone in my home in the February sunlight, relishing this moment, this time. 

Family networks--whether by blood or adoption or committed intergenerational friendships--are a necessity when tough times come. And families need the support of community agencies when illness strikes. We need the expertise and the service of the nurse, the social worker, the home health aid, the veteran services, the hospice worker.

As family, we pull together the best we can and care for one another as we live through these days.