Moving On

How did I do last week in the flash fiction contest sponsored on Janet Reid’s blog? It was a great contest with many fascinating, wondrous, amusing combination of stories.

Photo by AAron Lee Kuan Leng

Photo by AAron Lee Kuan Leng

My 100-word flash fiction story? Nary a mention.

So I thought about it and realized I had relied on a tired trope. How embarrassing. You’d think I’d have better sense after seriously working on my craft for the past five to six years.

How is your work in progress going?

I am about ready to have story printed up a second time and read through it as a reader. Then read through it again to take note of what needs changing. I want to check out professional editors.

types of professional editors

You will find this list on several craft of writing blogs but below is, author and blogger, Jami Gold’s definitions:

  • content/developmental editing (fix story and character level-issues)

  • line editing (fix scene and paragraph-level issues)

  • copy editing (fix sentence, word, and grammar-level issues)

If you follow the link, you’ll also notice that Jami created a master list for each of these three areas of edits. Yes, a DIY list!

I have done as much of the first two edit areas as I am capable of, with help from crit partners. Time to move on to the next step!