household projects

House Projects

While I did accomplish some writing (revise for a better focus on my plot and subplots), this was also a week for house painting projects. 

The trim on my home, the deck floor, the landscaping wood, and the shed trim were all painted shades of brown, a red-toned brown. It's not an accent color I'm thrilled with.

Painting Projects

Last spring, we painted the shed--the 2 sides we can see from the house! This week, finally, we finished it. The gray walls are Sherwin Williams Cornwall Slate, and we used an ashy toned brown trim called Well-Behaved! Whoops, I mean Well-Bred Brown! 


tan shed.jpg

Yes, that's a bit of mud and dirt splattered on the shed after a rain. 


gray shed.jpg

The lattice boards under the shed need to be repaired and painted...and reinforced with wiring. There be wabbits under there and they eat bigger holes in the lattice when it becomes too small for them to fit through. Dratted rabbits.

We also painted the deck floor. The beautiful red-toned brown deck (yes, that'd be sarcasm) before:

brown deck.jpg

Our beautiful new deck floor, stripped, repaired, and painted.  The gray is Sherwin William's Gray Stone, a lighter hue and a bit of warmer gray than the shed.  


It'll need to be replaced some year soon but not quite yet. I need to save up for that expense.