little things


This week, the weather people are promising hot and humid weather. It's enough to make a person wilt. But, this is when iced tea becomes my beverage of choice. And I do love me some iced tea.

Mom's family is from Illinois, the majority of them living not far up the river from St. Louis, Missouri. When I was a child, we would spend 9-hours driving in the car to go visit them for a week every summer. From them, I acquired a taste for strong, sweet iced tea and catfish fritters. And of course, I'd be teased about my northern accent. 

The other noticeable thing about this time of year? Whether it's my imagination or just the fact that I live in an area surrounded by fields, the smell of corn is always carried on the humid air. Farmers in this area rotate their crops between corn and beans. 

I also become a bit more sad, feel a bit more cranky and out-of-sorts. The humid outdoor air, the conditioned indoor air, the shorter days--all serve to remind me of the inevitable march of time, another season passing. But I find if I spend some time outdoors each day doing a bit of gardening or yard work, admire the tomatoes or herbs or flowers with my daughter, visit a bit with the neighbors, turn off the a/c at night to open the windows for the evening's cool air, I can deal with it.

It's the little things that create pleasure in life, that give us joy. What are the little things of summer that you enjoy?