chimney leak

It’s spring here in the upper Midwest. At least until Wednesday and Thursday.

All of the snow is melted except for the small pile on the north side of my deck. The neighbor’s crocuses are blossoming. My tulip and daffodil greens have appeared. Rabbits are having a heyday eating some of the fresh greenery and the tender tips of my lilac bushes.

But we are predicted to receive a lot of snow on Wednesday.


Thank goodness, I found a carpenter last fall to repair my chimney leak. It’s warm enough today and tomorrow for him to get the work done that needs doing, before we have more snow on the roof!

Moving on

Not much revising happening on my story right now. Lots of unfocused thinking, what with wrapping up my time of serving at one church and preparing to serve another church.

At least, I don’t have to think about moving into a different home. I only have to pack up an office and shift it to another office. I am going to really miss the people at my current church but I look forward to making new relationships and helping another church continue their desire to be relevant for the future that is coming at us.