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Searching for the unsearchable

Have you ever skimmed a writers blog, got caught by a book description, and attempted to find the book online at Indie Bound bookstores or search your local library digitally so you could put a hold on it?

Then discover it's not out yet?

Ha! I did that just yesterday while reading the Kill Zone, a blog for suspense writers.

Judith Newton guest blogged and her new book, Oink: A Food for Thought Mystery, comes out April 17. As its title proclaims, Oink is a mystery; specifically, it's a cozy. 

comes out April 17

comes out April 17

I'm intrigued. 


Advent starts November 27. Are you ready?

Hot off the press!  

Wild Goose Publications has put out a great book by Ann Gerondelis for the Christian season of Advent. It's a great book for slowing down, filled with lovely images to get lost in and bring our faith life back into our consciousness.

How does your faith shape your life? 

Ann contacted me this past spring (or was it winter). She had read my book Disturbing Complacency: Preparing for Christmas and was inspired by the readings. She had pulled together some paintings and some words (ha! if there's an understatement) and contacted me because she wanted to share the results of her inspiration. I was enthralled by her use of colors and images and words.

Tired of the consumerism that surrounds Christmas?

Prepare for Christmas with this book which will take you back to the roots of your faith. Order Open our Eyes.