witches and dragons

A witch, a pocket dragon, and a poetry reciting bog monster

I just read the most fantabulous book, The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill. It received a John Newberry Medal and is written for young readers.


I'm in love with the cover. 

The cast of characters contain a child, a witch, a pocket dragon, and a bog monster who recites poetry.

The child, taken from her parents when she was a baby by the government of the walled city, was left in the forbidden forest as part of the annual sacrifice to keep the mean and evil witch away.

But the witch has been rescuing these babies for decades, taking them on a journey to the other side of the forest, to place them in new homes. Since that journey is long, she feeds the babies with starlight.

With this child, however, the witch accidentally feeds her moonlight. And that creates all sorts of problems.