Warm weather popped in and out last week. This is my first spring at our new house and I've relished tidying up a few areas, such as the terraced area pictured below, which were a wee bit too untidy. There were (and still are) some trees growing that will cause future headaches and under a messy spirea bush at the far end, I found a bunny nest! 

This the terraced area in all of its verdant summer finery. 

And, after a couple of Carole-King-energy, spring-like day, this is what it looks like now. My daughter pruned the pine bushes last fall. As you can see, there's still a...buckthorn probably, in between the pines. But the roots are too tough and deep for us to pull it. And a biggish spirea bush is still squeezed into that corner between the wooden steps and the pine bush. It'll be transplanted someday when we can figure out where. But, big difference.